You Don’t Have to Become a Psychologist to Help Your Hurt Kids

Recently I was talking to a foster parent working towards adoption who said she was considering going back to school for psychology to help the kids she was fostering and adopting.  She was seriously considering this because it is so difficult to find answers on how to help kids with severe attachment issues and traumas.  Isn’t that sad!?  Adoption shouldn’t be this hard!

I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling…I sure can!  I was actually in a masters program for counseling when we started foster care and was appalled at the lack of answers I found there.  I asked one professor how I could help my foster daughter and he had not advice or direction to give, only a warning…he told me to be ready for her to falsely accuse me of abusing her.  That was his answer!  That was unacceptable so I set out on a quest to find answers, help my foster kids and eventually to provide these answers to others in my situation.

You can find several free resources as well as a course and a membership site at

DANCE Course:

This course accompanies the free eBook also available on the site.  This course includes 8 videos explaining the step by step process on implementing the DANCE model which is a therapeutic parenting technique that helps you end the battles in the home and instead begin to do a relational DANCE.

My Kids Community: 

In this community you will get

  • DANCE Course
  • 10 Module foundational course that expands greatly on the DANCE course for a comprehensive therapeutic parenting program
  • Membership only Facebook page where you can get support from others on a similar journey and interact with our My Kids experts for ongoing coaching
  • Regularly updated material: We add additional videos and resources to the membership site on an ongoing basis
  • Facebook live webinars: We offer live webinars where we discuss topics of current concern to the group based on discussion and feedback from members on what they need support and help with.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. If the program isn’t helpful we just give you your money back so there is no risk to you.  We’ve never had to do this so I’m confident it will be helpful. 

You don’t have to become a psychologist to help your hurt kids…We did the work for you!

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